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Who We ARE

Society forms a very important part of our life. We believe that we are responsible for the instances and incidents in our life. But it stands as a fact that the society forms a person and imparts all the values in him. India is the second largest populated country of the world with a population of more than 125 billion people with a majority of right-handed people. According to a survey about 10–12 % of the population is left-handed. With reference to this survey; more than 10 crore of the Indian Population should be left-handed. In spite of that much large existence; this special community is still untouched and till date has not been privileged with a Social Platform. The left-handed people also need a society to evolve with their own identity out of this right handed world. We also need a community where we can distinguish and identify ourselves. With this noble thought we have come forward with a nationwide network connecting this unique, genius and extraordinary part of the population. Even in the 21st Century there are many social stigmas, beliefs and superstitions against the left handed people. A common man born with this specialty of using a left hand has to face numerous challenges in his day-to-day life. But it is a fact that God has made this right brain dominating people with extra ordinary talent and intellect. Many of them are geniuses today. We welcome you in the Indian Left Hander Club; the first of its kind for all the left-hander brothers and sisters. It is a place, a network where you can share and exchange all your love, emotions, happiness, ideas, thoughts and experiences with each other.

President's Message

Warm Greetings!!
You must be thinking of the person who has created this club and website while going through it. I am sure the thought – “What a passionate Lefty about Lefties” has knocked your mind. But let me clear that you are right, the only passion I hold with me forever is ‘Being Lefty and Live for Lefties’. So while the Idea emerged of this club. This club is to unite the Right Hemisphere across India.

We are now in the 21st Century but even today, there are prejudices in the minds of people and there are many who follow orthodox views, in our country. Differentiation is the awful truth of our society which is not only dividing the people in our country but also exists everywhere across the globe. Society divided people on the basis of Religion, Caste, Gender, Region, and in Economic terms but now its dividing individuals on the basis of hands they use in their routine work. It has been proved that the use of any hand – right or left - is by birth and it’s a natural brain stimulation which is not in control of a human being.

So, Let’s be together not to fight against our own society but to aware them and prove ourselves. We will show them that “Lefties are always Right”. Few of our lefty buddies already shined and proved it but its our turn now.

Being in Media profession since last 20 Years, Its always an inspiration to create awareness which is a foundation objective of every media house and being a left handed persona its an brainwave to create a unique world which will contribute its best for lefty community.

Interestingly, in my family, me, my soul mate and my daughter all are left handed which is also one of the reason why I am so much compassionate for being lefty. My wife has motivated me to bring this idea in reality and she is one of pillar and co-founder of this club. I understand thoroughly the problems which we lefties face day by day in our normal routine activities in this Right handed world. Even though in India there are more than 10 Crore people are left handed, its peculiar that there is not much work done on this astonishing class. So, I decided to form a group of left handed people wherein they can share their views, emotions, feelings and good work which can be attained by the world.


Founder President
Mr. Sandeip Vishnoi